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Air Purifiers

Air purifiers do purify air. However, some people do not see a benefit from their use. The use of an air purifier can help as part of over coming allergies or polutions. Air Purifiers are a bit of a debate, whether or not there is actually scientific proof to their helpfulness. Air purifiers are not cheap. Be ready to invest if you want to go this route.

Air purifiers work in multiple ways. The most common – the purification mechanism uses an electrostatic charge on top of metal plates. This unit is then placed in an inconspicuous place as air moves through it. When the air travels through the purifier, the debris in the air are removed and then filtered.

One of the major problems associated with air purifiers is the production of a heavy oxygen gas known as ozone. Ozone in the atmosphere serves as a protective layer against harmful solar radiation, but concentrated ozone in a confined space can cause a number of serious health problems. Many air purifiers using electrically-charged plates do generate ozone as part of their process. The health benefits of purified air may not be enough to overcome the potentially harmful effects of ozone-producing air purifiers.

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