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Wood is okay, but Steel Carports are better!

Wooden carports are made of just that – wood. All the support posts, beams, rafts, etc are made from wood. Now wood is easily obtainable and cost effective. Steel on the other hand, may cost you a little more upfront – but it will last forever, which wood will not. If you need to go the economical route, wood can work, however – your best option is steel!

With wood, the freedom of movement you have is severely limited. Once your wooden structure is erected, to take it down and put it back together can be more compromising than helpful! With Steel Carports – everything is predrilled, you understand what goes where – the ease is much better.

Wood can be built to your specifications, but again, you’re pretty limited on what you can do afterwards. Whereas with steel, you can simply replace on beam with another one. The expansion process is much simpler.

Be aware that timber can expand and contract as the temperature or weather changes and this may mean that you have to do slightly more maintenance on it. However, timber can be painted or stained any color that you want, and if you every want to change the color of your carport, it is as simple as a new paint job.

Steel on the other hand, is very very durable. It will not expand and contract. Its durability vastly outweighs that of wood. Not only is steel fire resistant – it is resistant to all the weather types.

You are making an investment to protect your vehicles – make it a real investment worth making!

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